Why us

  1. We are 100% comitted to YOU!

    Max Maids's number 1 goal is to give the customer the best experience as possible. That begins when you first call us and it certainly doesn't end when we leave your house
  2. All work is 100% guaranteed!

    We guarantee all of our services to your complete satisfaction
  3. Honest, dependable labor!

    We arrive on time for cleaning appointments. Cleaning staff works real hard to get your house clean as promised, with out cutting corners.
  4. Safe cleaning procedures!

    We follow OSHA's cleaning safety standards and are constantly training our staff on newer safer cleaning methods.
  5. Reasonable and competitive fees!

    Our fees are very competitive and a real value for the clean that your home will receive
  6. Superior quality workmanship!

    Quality is the #1 goal for our cleaning staff. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in providing quality cleaning services.
  7. lLicensed and Insured and liability for your property!

    Our staff is completely bonded and insured for your protection of your property
  8. Quality assurance program !

    We communicate with customers to rate our services to make sure the cleaning performed was to their liking. Also have supervisors that look over quality of service.
  9. Immidiate response to Emergency requests!

    24 hour communication is available to provide emergency service. Emergency services are immidiate and piced fairly
  10. We LOVE what we do.

    We have a very positive, lively crew that makes the job run smoothly. We bring that same attitude into your home.